About High Pines

The Ponce Davis enclave is already a highly regarded area to call home and right in between is the equally stunning High Pines South Miami. The prosperous olden times of High Pines’ stretch all the way back to World War II. This was a time when a large number of World War II veterans chose to settle in—and consequently built the foundations of—the High Pines community. The community maintains its distinct popularity thanks to its top notch schools and the nearness to some of South Miami’s optimum attractions and sights. All of the homes feature beautiful surroundings, a penchant of South Miami.

High Pines real estate is known the many residential features usually reserved for more popular areas like Miami Beach. Fireplaces, swimming pools, floors in wood and expansive balconies can be found among the eye-catching, inventive High Pines homes, most of which come with a minimum of 1,312 square feet in terms of lot size. High Pines real estate starts at about three bedroom residence with a pair of bathrooms. If you so choose, there is High Pines real estate available with six bedrooms on the higher end. Parks and shopping centers are often within walking distance.

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