About La Gorce Island

La Gorce Island Miami Beach already impresses thanks to the numerous design styles within each of the La Gorce Island homes. Many homes are located directly on Biscayne Bay while other La Gorce Island homes are located within the interior. Everything is rounded out perfectly by the island’s wonderful aesthetics and security provided at all hours of the day.

If privacy and space are among the top of your list of requirements, you’ll love La Gorce Island real estate. The La Gorce Island homes are often quite large and luxurious, even grand enough for a few celebrities, who wish to remain anonymous. You’ll have plenty of thinking to do in terms of what residence to settle on thanks to the countless options available in La Gorce Island. There is no way of possibly going wrong at La Gorce Island, each home is simply perfect.

La Gorce Island fits perfectly into Miami Beach but it’s just slightly detached from the city. Still, it’s literally right next door so you can reach it in less than five minutes. Right across from La Gorce Island the La Gorce Island Country Club which has a challenging golf course and other activities. You can experience the best of the city and still be close to your La Gorce Island home.

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
18 La Gorce Cir
$170,000,000 12 / 16 / 9
N/A / N/A N/A / N/A Y / Y
31 La Gorce Cir
$8,950,000 5 / 5
4,512sf / 419m² $1,984 / $21,352m² N / Y
6650 Sheffield Ln
$6,900,000 5 / 5 / 2
4,098sf / 381m² $1,684 / $18,124m² N / N

Vacant Land

Address Price Sqft $sf/$m² WF MLS Number
31 La Gorce Cir $8,950,000 25,896 N/A / $3,720m² N A11165565

Vacant Land

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
6626 Pinetree Ln $55,000 6 / 6 4,365 / 406m² $13sf / $136m² N / Y

Property Location