About Biscayne Point

To find Biscayne Point Miami Beach you’ll need to explore towards the west of the city, it’s where you’ll find the quietly hidden trio of islands that comprise the neighborhood. Besides being close to all of the Miami Beach activities, each of the Biscayne Point homes also have direct waterfront views. Biscayne Point may be tiny in comparison to something like Star Island but the quiet waterfront surroundings make for an idyllic living experience.

Biscayne Point consists of three islands but is divided into two districts called Stillwater Drive and Biscayne Beach. Both of these districts feature Biscayne Point real estate with multi-family and single family homes, respectively. Homes in these areas come with huge patios, large swimming pools, dual garages and of course, a boat dock for traversing the radiantly indigo seas of stunningly sunny South Florida. At the westernmost point is where you’ll find what could be considered the best Biscayne Point homes to choose from.

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
1700 Cleveland Rd
$3,950,000 5 / 4
3,566sf / 331m² $1,108 / $11,923m² Y / Y
1777 Daytonia Rd
$3,350,000 4 / 3
3,208sf / 298m² $1,044 / $11,241m² Y / Y
1200 Cleveland Rd
$2,500,000 3 / 3
1,936sf / 180m² $1,291 / $13,900m² Y / Y
1323 Cleveland Rd
$1,450,000 3 / 2
2,011sf / 187m² $721 / $7,761m² N / N

Address Price Bed/Baths Interior Space $sf/$m² WF/Pool MLS Number
7990 W Hawthorne Ave $15,500 4 / 3 2,742 / 255m² $6sf / $61m² Y / N
7700 Hawthorne Ave $12,000 4 / 4 3,235 / 301m² $4sf / $40m² Y / Y

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