The buying process is as a whole very important but there are a few stages which arguably hold a greater degree of importance than others. These probably differ greatly depending on who you ask but certainty one of these would be the open house. After all, this is when you as a buyer get the chance to walk though Coral Gables homes or Miami Beach homes you may intend to purchase and get a feel for the property as well ask questions. But what questions should you ask during this crucial stage?

It's not really about how many questions you ask as it is how effective they are. For example, you may wish to inquire about how many offers have been received. This will give you a good idea of how many other people may be looking to purchase the Miami Beach homes in question and why the seller turned down a certain offer. Speaking of which, it should also help you in determining the offer you plan to make.

Another important question is the cost of ownership. You're likely aware that when buying Coral Gables homes, closing costs must also be paid. However, if you're buying a home within a gated community, there may be other fees charged by the association that you might want to be aware of before there are any unwanted surprises.