Part of the whole buying process when exploring Miami real estate is determining the ideal neighborhood before becoming too enamored with any home. After all, the neighborhood you settle on will heavily determine how happy you ultimately are with your decision.

There are a few factors you should keep in mind when exploring neighborhoods, starting with the school if you happen to have children. Top rated schools are important even if you don't have children since they can affect the value of any Miami real estate you buy. Better schools equals better value.

Another major factor that could affect the value of Miami real estate is the local economy. The more employment opportunities and the bigger the presence of companies that are hiring, the better the odds that your home will keep or improve its value.

Crime, local amenities, these are also important items to take into account. Keep in mind that in the current market climate, home values are significantly volatile so don't base your ultimate decision entirely on whether or not the value of a home will increase. Always put your needs and overall comfort into making the final decision or you risk living in a neighborhood that you're not happy with.