Everyone knows the process of buying Miami real estate can be overwhelming with the amount of paperwork involved. On top of that, the number of houses you might come across can also become a little too much to handle once you've gone to one too many open houses. How do you manage everything and still stay levelheaded?

Thanks to modern technology, there aren't as many reasons to walk around with a pen and paper. Smartphones have many apps that can do a lot of the “heavy lifting” for you. Take for example Crumbtracks for iPhone users. Available free of charge, you can enter details about many different Coral Gables homes you may come across including photos and videos. It can also map out properties and give you directions to properties you've visited or are planning to visit.

The one problem with Crumbtracks is it's only available for iOS (the operating system used by the iPhone) which means you may not be able to use it if you don't own that device or an iPod. In that case you might want to consider the Realtor.com app which can also help you find Miami Beach homes and provides similar functionality including grabbing information from more than 900 MLS systems around the country. This advantage allows you to expand your search to a very narrow or very broad area if you wish.