Normandy Island

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Miami Beach
Price Range: $975-$3,300,000

Normandy Island Description

Normandy Island Miami Beach is a large land mass located near the western coast of the famous city. This luxurious land mass has a canal that runs directly through its center creating more waterfront real estate and easy navigation around the island. Normandy Isle is one of the largest Miami Beach islands and is located on the northern western part of Miami Beach just south of Surfside. Normandy Island’s striking beauty combined with its large spacious homes makes it very appealing and one of the best choices when exploring the many residential island neighborhoods.

What’s great about the Normandy Island homes is that they’re all essentially waterfront homes. Normandy Island homes have amazing locations, no matter where they are on this luxurious Miami Beach island. Homes located on Bay Drive or North Shore Drive are on the bayfront and are usually large and luxurious. Homes located on South Shore Drive or Calais Drive are intracoastal property.  Throw in the golf course and a generous assortment of lush parks and Normandy Isle real estate becomes too good to overlook.

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