Hibiscus Island

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Miami Beach
Price Range: $13,900-$28,800,000

Hibiscus Island Description

For incredible homes and condos, you can always check out Miami Beach or better yet, Hibiscus Island Miami Beach. The road that leads into Hibiscus Island aside, the neighborhood is amazingly private. Large properties, heavy security and a very hospitable atmosphere make Hibiscus Island a charming place to live.  The equidistance to Miami Beach and the downtown Miami area means you’ve got a surplus of activities and places to go and enjoy.  Hibiscus Island is just one of the several artificial islands that offer incredible living accommodations.

You need only glance at the Hibiscus Island homes to get a sense of the amazing craftsmanship and modern design. These waterfront mansions have astounding, luxurious architecture and are perfectly located so that residents can enjoy the gorgeous sights and weather of sunny South Florida.  Because they’re considered luxury homes, Hibiscus Island real estate is generally multimillion dollar property with a large array of high end features.  Don’t expect to see boat docks as extra perks, at Hibiscus Island these types of things are a standard feature!

You may find yourself with perhaps too many options should you choose Hibiscus Island.  We could fill pages with everything there is to do in Miami Beach and the same largely applies for the downtown area.  Also near Hibiscus Island is Jungle Island, a great place the whole family can enjoy.  Expect to find even more family friendly activities at a short distance.

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