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Price Range: $12,000-$18,950,000

Fisher Island Real Estate Description

It’s perfectly fine if you’ve never heard of Fisher Island Florida, the privacy in the ultra wealthy neighborhood is matchless.  Its closest rival in wealth is Star Island or Hibiscus Island which offer traditional access via bridge, unlike Fisher Island which necessitates the use of its own ferry.  The curious detachment and air of mystery has made Fisher Island a particular favorite among the well to do.  Fisher Island has the affluence to spare and the feel of an island that is genuinely detached from all forms of traditional access.

Fisher Island real estate is like a kaleidoscope of posh properties.  The majority of Fisher Island homes and Fisher Island condos are multimillion dollar property but the square footage within these residences is second to none.  Since the island itself is small in comparison to neighboring Miami Beach and Key Biscayne, most properties have marvelous waterfront views and are located within easy walking distance to the beach.  Choose from modest villas to sprawling mansions, condos and much more in a setting that’s entirely bordered by water.

Fisher Island has pretty much everything you need right on the island itself, important since travel to and from the island is not what most are accustomed to.  It has all the necessities in terms of luxury and safety: its own fire department, post office, food market, school and plenty of recreational activities such as golfing and water sports. But don’t be worried about transportation, the Fisher Island ferry is always taking residents back and forth between the island and Miami Beach.

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